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Impacto Avpro Anti Vibration Glove

The new IMPACTO® AV-PRO offers cost-effective outstanding protection from vibrating tools. Padded with patented foam technology in the palm, fingers, thumb and thumb/web area to help prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) and White Finger Disease. Mechanic’s style design ensures excellent fit and comfort. Soft, pliable materials ensure tactile feedback for tool control and hand flexibility.
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Impacto Molded Knee Pad

THE “ORIGINAL” Lightweight and Economical Knee pad

Impacto Kneeling Mat With Carry Handle, Black 8" x 16"

Resilient closed-cell foam with convenient, built-in handle. Helps reduce knee trauma and lower back pain. Does not compress or absorb liquids. Silicone-free. Fully washable. Impervious to petroleum products. kneeling mat made with heavy resilient closed-cell foam and has built-in convenient handle.