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Bodytech Respirator FFP3V Mesh Dust Mask, Valved

Unique mesh feature enables mask to be scrunched up and then return to original shape.

FFP3V Respiratory Mask

The filtering half mask is a complete respiratory protective device designed to be used for protection of the wearer against exposure to harmful aerosols of solid and liquid particles (dust, smoke, mist, fumes). The half mask is intended to be used for a maximum of a single shift (NR - Not Reusable). The half mask consist of filter material, head straps, nose clip, internal nose sealing and exhalation valve. The inhalate passes through the filter material and the exhalate passes through the filter material and the exhalation valve. The filtering half mask class FFP3 offers protection when the concentration of dispersed phase of aerosol does not exceed 50 times the threshold limit value (TLV).

3M Disposable Respirator, FFP3 Valved

3M™ Disposable Respirator Premium Series provides FFP2 or FFP3 protection that’s lightweight and durable, with a premium, cup-shaped design. These respirators have a unique 3-dimensional inner face seal that’s soft, pliable and can be cleaned for hygienic reuse over multiple shifts. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps improve breathing comfort and the adjustable, braided straps are colour-coded for easy identification.

3M™ Disposable Respirator, FFP3, Valved, 8833

3M™ Disposable Respirator 8333 has been designed with comfort in mind, the super soft cushioned lining provides instant yet lasting comfort. Protects against dusts and water and oil based mists found in a wide variety of industrial applications and other work situations requiring FFP3 protection.

3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator, FFP3

The unique three-panel design of these 3M Aura 9332+ FFP3 dust masks addresses the need for comfort, protection and practicality. The three panels allow for freedom of movement to avoid the mask slipping, while the top panel and 3M Cool Flow valve mean it integrates well with the wearer’s safety glasses. Hygienic packaging and the fold-flat design mean these 3M dust masks are convenient and practical to carry around.

Moldex, FFP3 Classics +

Protects against high levels of toxic dusts, particles (including bacteria & viruses).

Alpha Solway S-3V FFP3 Valved Face Mask, Each

The Alpha Solway S-3V has been specifically designed to ensure an excellent fit for the smaller face. The unique inner face seal help to maintain a close and snug fit around the chin area which is generally regarded by experienced fit testers to be the main weakness on standard design disposable respirator.

Alpha Solway 3030V RD Face Mask, FFP3, Valved

The Alpha Solway 3000 disposable respirator offers an outstanding level of protection demonstrated when conducting face fit testing. It offers electrostatic filter media allowing low breathing resistance and a lightweight outer shell to maintain excellent shape.

MOLDEX FFP3 Valved Face Mask

Reliable protection against particles ActivForm® 3D design for a comfortable and secure fit Retains its shape thanks to the mesh structure

Alpha Solway 2530V Valved FFP3 Dust Mask

With a soft inner seal and traditional cup shape, these Alpha Solway 2530V valved FFP3 dust masks offer great working comfort. The filter material provides respiratory protection against very fine, toxic dusts, mists and fumes, while the nose-clip and four-point head strap help to give this face mask a secure fit. Meanwhile, the inbuilt exhalation valve helps to reduce the build-up of heat and moisture to further improve working comfort.