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Respiratory Filters

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3M P3 Particulate Filters, Pair

Part of the 2000 Series of filters, these 3M 2138 P3 R particulate filters are for use with a wide range of 3M full-face and half-face masks and are easy to click into place thanks to the bayonet connection. They offer respiratory protection against fine dusts, and oil- and water-based mists, plus relief from nuisance levels of organic vapours, acid gas, and ozone.

3M 501 Pre- Filter Retainer

The 3M 501 filter retainers allow the user to add a 3M 5000 Series particulate filter to a 6000 Series gas and vapour filter for combined respiratory protection.

3M Combinations Filters ABEK1 (Pair)

Part of the 6000 Series of filters, these 3M 6057 ABE1 combination gas filters are for use with a wide range of 3M full-face and half-face masks.

3M Gas, Vapor & Particulate Filters

The 3M™ 6099 protects against organic vapours (boiling point above 65°C, inorganic vapours, acid gases, ammonia and its derivatives, mercury, formaldehyde up to 10ppm and particulates. Suitable for use with 3M™ Reusable Full Face Respirators featuring the Bayonet filter connection system:Reusable Full Face Masks 6000 Series.

3M Mist P3R Particulates Filters, Pair

3M™ Particulate Filters 5000 Series can be used with 6000 series filters for combined gas and particulate protection (in conjunction with a 501 filter retainer), and are designed to optimise your field of vision. The filters are lightweight and feature a bayonet-style connection fitting.

3M Versaflo Particulate Filter, For TR-300

For use with 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Respirator TR-300+. 3M™ High Efficiency P3 Particulate filter can be changed quickly and easily by hand.