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Brushes & Squeegees

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12" Stiff Bassine Wooden Broom Sweeping Head

A natural wooden backed sweeping broom with bassine bristles which are perfect for sweeping on all hard ground such as outdoors.

13" Stiff Wooden Yard Broom Blue Bristles

Blue Polypropylene heavy yard broom, 330mm round wood back, double handle hole. It performs better in wetter conditions than the pure Sherbro version B25, though it does not sweep smaller rubble quite as well. Good for all heavy outdoor work. Recommended handle, A54/2, TH54/2W. Consider also the B25/5, BS4, P12. P17R. If this broom is going to be used continually, we recommend the BCL broom clamp.

18" Stiff Bassine Wooden Broom Sweeping Head

A natural wooden backed sweeping broom with bassine bristles which are perfect for sweeping on all hard ground such as outdoors. The stiff natural bristles make it perfect for sweeping up muck and debris.

35cm Silverbrand Stainless Steel Squeegee

A high quality squeegee made from stainless steel, with a rubber comfort grip. Available in seven channel widths for easy, smear-free cleaning on all window sizes. Replacement squeegee channels, handles and rubber grips available.

457mm Platform Broom Natural Soft

Standard Platform Broom.

Hillbrush 600mm Ultra Hygienic Squeegee, Variety of Colours

600mm single blade Polypropylene squeegee, theaded to fit all handles in the Hygiene Range, with overmoulded single rubber blade. It is seamless, one-piece, very easily cleaned, light, very durable, metal free and wonderfully effective. The rubber in this squeegee is a special oil resistant formula.
From £12.00

Premier Soft 500mm Sweeping Broom - Green

500mm broom, Polypropylene block, filled soft Polyester, for wider dustier, drier areas. As part of our Premier Range, these brooms are good, durable and effective but have thinner backs and are lighter than other equivalent products in the general Hygiene Range.

Hillbrush Double Blade Squeegee, 600mm, Variety of Colours

600mm squeegee, with double Duraflex™ rubber blade. This rubber is especially durable, flexible and has good elasticity, and is FDA/EU approved for food contact. The rubber blade comes in a cassette, which may easily be reversed to give even wear and longer life, and may be replaced altogether when worn out (see CAS6). The frame is thickened heavy duty Polypropylene, designed with smooth, easily cleaned surfaces.
From £18.00

Hillbrush Professional Dual Stiffness Double Winged Scrub, Variety of Colours

210mm two level scrub, Polypropylene block, filled stiff Polyester. This is a most effective heavy duty hand scrub. By pushing down hard during scrubbing action, the filaments at the ends of the brush splay out, getting into hard-to-reach corners. The block has a comfortable grip. See also ST5RES, ST7, and ST1, and ST2 for wood backed/natural fill versions.
From £9.45

Extra Long Telescopic Brush, 2.5m

Aluminium pole with super soft bristles on an extra large brush head with a comfortable grip for ease of use. Offers the ability to attach a hose via the universal hose connector with built in on/off tap. Extends to 2450mm.

Vikan Floor Squeegee w/Replacement Casette, 600mm

Ideal for removing water and food debris from all types of flooring, this double-bladed cell rubber squeegee can be used with any Vikan handle. The cassette can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement (Series 77745 or 77749 for replacement blades).
From £12.50

Professional Stiff 406mm Long Handled Brush, Variety of Colours

406mm, Polypropylene block, filled stiff Polyester. This long handled brush is designed to get into more distant corners, awkward machinery or deeper vats. The gripped handle is comfortable to use even in gloved hands.
From £11.33