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Chemical Protection

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Ansell AlphaTec Virtex Glove

The 79-700 is designed specifically to offer outstanding comfort, flexibility & good chemical resistance. All day comfort in a lightweight glove.
From £1.46

Ansell AlphaTec® 23-201 Versatouch Glove

Comfortable, long sleeve PVC glove, with good dexterity and pliability even at low temperatures.
From £9.10

Ansell AlphaTec® 37-501 Glove

Excellent chemical resistance with improved ventilation.
From £1.54

Ansell Microflex® 93-260, Green

Ansell designed MICROFLEX 93-260 to be thin, chemical-resistant disposable gloves that offer higher levels of protection against chemicals for longer periods of time than ordinary single use gloves. At just 7.8 mils thick, these thin nitrile and neoprene gloves offer this superior protection while also providing enhanced tactility and dexterity for easy handling of small parts and tools.
From £138.83

Ansell AlphaTec® 87-190, Yellow

With a thickness of only 0.35mm and a fishscale texture, the Ansell Econohands Plus 87-190 Ultra-Thin Latex Gauntlet Gloves provide outstanding tactile sensitivity and good grip in both wet and dry conditions. As a result, these gloves are ideal for cleaning applications, as well as maintenance, light assembly and various other minimal risk tasks.
From £0.85

Ansell AlphaTec® 87-195 Blue

Previously known as: VersaTouch® 87-195 Econohands. Ultralight, highly tactile food processing gloves, specially treated to reduce allergy risks.
From £0.98

Ansell Emperor 17" Black Rubber Gauntlets

The Emperor unlined black natural rubber latex gloves for chemical immersion have a beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy donning and has been chlorinated to harden and cleanse the surface of the glove. Ideal for use where heavy-duty chemical protection is essential, sandblasting, sanitation, agriculture, fishing. CE - Complex Design.
From £13.29

Industrial Heavy Duty Black Rubber Gloves

Cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration and keeps hands dry, cool and comfortable. Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals.
From £2.62

Mapa TempTec 332 Glove

Effective thermal insulation and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, with excellent thermal insulation, due to double-knit cotton. Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting.
From £32.31

Showa Oil Resistant 30cm, Blue, Gloves

Chemical resistant, ultra comfortable with good mechanical resistance.
From £3.55

Showa Oil Resistant 60cm, Blue, Gloves

Extended bonded sleeve version (60cm) of 660 with an elasticated border.
From £12.64

Ansell Sol-Vex Long Nitrile Glove

High performance nitrile compound ,providing an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength for optimal results in wet or dry work environments.
From £4.79