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Face Shields & Visors

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Bodytech, Green Browguard and Visor Set

Bodytech Green Browguard and Visor Set

Eye-protector, face screen/visor for occupational use. Protection against splashes or liquids.
€22.42 €20.25
Picture of Bodytech Visor only to fit JC65

Bodytech Visor only to fit JC65

Eye protector, face screen/visor for occupational use.
8x12" Clear Visor (to fit JC50)

8 x 12" Clear Visor (to fit JC50)

Replacement visor for JC50. Requires JC68 to attach to helmet- sold separately.
Honeywell Clearways Visor

Honeywell Clearways Visor CV84A

Clearways offers both strength and durability with economical replacement visors available in acetate or polycarbonate.
Face Shield With Glasses

Face Shield With Glasses

Suitable for wearing with prescription glasses/face masks. Our reusable PPE face shield glasses are suitable for wearing for sustained periods and ideal for anyone who is having to take their shield on and off quickly. These shields are recommended for shop workers, hairdressers and anyone unable to maintain the 2 metre distance for a prolonged period.
3M Versaflo Peel-off Visor Covers , (40 Pack)

3M™ Versaflo™ Peel-Off Visor Cover M-928 , 40 Pack

Protect your 3M™ Versaflo™ M-Series Headtop visor from scratches or overspray from paints and chemicals with 3M™ Versaflo™ Peel-Off Visor Cover M-928. Our transparent visor cover is self-adhesive and can be applied and peeled off easily. You can apply up to five covers at one time, one on top of the other.
225mm Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield

225mm Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield

High safety with maximum protection. General purpose face screens available in Polycarbonate for maximum impact protection or Acetate for chemical resistance.
Honeywell North.820140 Perforama Nova Face Shield

Performa Nova Clear Face Shield with Chinguard

Use a face shield when you have to protect your face from liquid splashes and flying particles such as steel, stone, grinding disk particles etc. Our face shields are fitted with polycarbonate, acetate or PETG screen. The majority of our face shields have a flip front and come with an adjustable head strap. You can also easily fix our Combi North shields to our safety helmets. North units also allow the use of our ear muffs in combination with the face shields and our hard hats. Lightweight three-part face shield with clear crown and chin guard for chin and neck protection. Headgear with ratchet suspension.