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Waste & Polythene Products

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Bin Liner, 18x29x39, Black, (200 Case)

Light duty. Suitable for waste collection & general household purposes.

Black Compactor Sack On Roll 38 x 42, (100 Case)

Black medium duty refuse sacks supplied on a roll .

Black Refuse Sacks On a Roll, 26x44, (200 Case)

Medium duty refuse sacks on a roll.

Blue Carrier Bags, (2000 Case)

A variety of blue vest plastic carrier bags, in different sizes & strengths. Suitable for general use, and most widely used in the retail / supermarkets / markets trade.

Blue Refuse Sacks On a Roll, 26x44, (200 Case)

Standard size 26” x 44” or 660 mm x 1120 mm Blue. Manufactured from recycled & 100% degradable plastic, suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection it will fit most standard Irish bins & it is sold in rolls of 25 bags very strong, degradable.

Clear Bin Liner On a Roll 610x 990x960 (500 Roll)

Clear Plastic Bin Liners on a roll.

Clear Bin Liner, 18x29x39, (200 Case)

Medium duty refuse sack.

Clear Compactor Sack on Roll 20x38x42 (200 Box)

(8 Rolls X 25 Sacks in a Box) Clear Compactor Sacks are ideal for industrial use and are perfect for waste products that need to be seen. They also offer a tear-resistant puncture-proof design.

Clear Extra Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liner, 30"x48"x54"(100 Case)

These Clear wheelie bin bags are suitable for heavy duty waste and have a guage of 250. Bin bags are disposable bags used to line rubbish bins so that the waste material stays inside the bin bag. These rubbish bags are ideal for holding waste together and ensuring that bin odours are minimised. Once the rubbish bag is full of waste, remove from the bin bag and use the edges of the bin liner to tie the black rubbish bag together.

Clear Refuse Sacks 16"x25"x39" (200 Case)

A pack of 200 clear sacks for recycling or general waste. These light weight 120 gauges are good for holding a small to medium amount of waste without tearing.

Clear Refuse Sacks On A Roll 26"x44", (200 Case)

Clear High Density refuse sacks on rolls suitable for light commercial waste, can hold up to 7kg’s.

Extra Heavy Duty Bin Liner 29x46 (100 Case)

Black extra heavy duty bin liners.