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Scrapers & Scourers

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Green Scouring Pads 9x6", 10/Pack

The Optima Proclean Standard Grade Scouring Pads remove stubborn marks such as burnt on food and with ease. Our abrasive scourers are manufactured in the U.K.

Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, Black, 25.4 x 11.5cm, 25/Case

The heavy duty scouring pads allow for easy removal of scuff marks and soiling from floors. Each pad has a different level of abrasive properties and durability.

Caterers Scouring Pads, 10/Pack

A standard weight scouring pad designed to easily remove tougher dirt. Suitable for use in catering and general cleaning.

Maxi Erase-All Pad, 5/Pack

A larger version of the Erase-all hand sponge, suitable for use with the Octopus cleaning tool . It easily removes stubborn dirt without the need for chemicals. Ideal for tackling scuff marks and stains on floors and skirting.

Extreme Abrasion 255mm Floor Pad

Abrasive pad, 255mm x 114mm x 22mm, for removing stubborn marks on floors and walls, normally in a commercial or industrial environment.

Ramon 10 Pack Green Scouring Pads

Polyester fibre with acrylic resin, ground silica and pigment.

Vikan Stiff Pad , 245mm, Black/Brown

Remove stubborn marks on walls and floors with this hard-abrasive cleaning pad. Fits hand and floor pad-holder models. Not FDA compliant.

Vileda Blue Scourer, 10/Pack

The blue abrasive scourer by Vileda, is a quality scourer ideal for use in food manufacturing. 230 x 150mm (9 x 6) in size.

Vileda Super Large Scourer, 10/Pack

Ideal for scouring and wet cleaning of burned in residues in pots and pan with non-delicate surfaces

Vileda Red Pur Active Sponges/ Scourer

Pur Actives special coating easily lifts stubborn grime whilst being gentle on all hard surfaces. It cleans three times more effectively than traditional non-scratching scourers and is more gentle on surfaces than a traditional abrasive scourer.

Galvanised Scourer 40g, 10/Pack

A circular scourer made from fine metal mesh. Ideal for cleaning burnt-on stains from grills, barbeques and metal pans.

Ramon ‘Contract’ Sponge Scourers, 10/Pack

Ideal for commercial kitchens or domestic alike, this good quality and highly absorbent sponge allows the user to clean dishes and wipe up spills with ease.