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Headband Ear Defenders

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3M Peltor X Series Earmuffs Black/ Green 33dB

X series earmuffs combine 3M™ Peltors™ legendary hearing protection knowledge with our most advanced technologies, creating our most comfortable, curable earmuff. A broad range of protection in colour coded SNRs they make finding the correct protection level easier.

3M™ Peltor Optime™ I Earmuffs, 27 dB, Yellow, Headband

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ I Earmuffs offer versatile protection for both short and long duration tasks. Ideal for protection against noise arising from a wide range of applications in the workplace and leisure activities. Reduces noise levels up to 27 dB.

3M™ Peltor Optime™ II Earmuffs, 31 dB, Green, Headband

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ II Earmuffs have been developed for demanding noise-hazard environments. A suitable choice for environments with substantial industrial noise or construction machinery, like airports and agricultural work. Reduces noise levels up to 31 dB.

3M™ Peltor Optime™ III Earmuffs, 35 dB, Black/Red, Headband

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Earmuffs are a high performance hearing protector, developed for use in extremely noise environments like airports, marine engine rooms, power stations and print works. Reduces noise levels up to 35 dB.

Bodytech Adjustable Earmuffs, SNR29

Lightweight economical design with soft PVC cushions for comfort during prolonged usage.

Headband Ear Defenders, Black/ Orange, SNR 34dB

A high performance, comfortable ear defender without the weight, H5 features large, soft ear cushions and a flexible padded headband. H5 is fully adjustable to provide a superior fit for most head sizes.