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Womens Contrast V-Neck Tunic, Aqua Green, White Trim, Size 6

Contemporary asymmetrical design with V shaped neckline and shaped contrast pocket top detail.

Womens Contrast V-Neck Tunic, Navy/Red, Size 24

Contemporary asymmetrical design with V shaped neckline and shaped contrast pocket top detail.

Luxurious Gentle Foam Wash with ‘Relaxing’ Fragrance, 1L (6)

Refresh™ Relax FOAM contains skin conditioner and moisturiser to improve skin hydration and prevent drying. Where to use: Washroom areas in offices and public facilities

Solos Thermal Insole W/Foil Lining, Size 44

Three layered warm winter insole. Natural wool fleece layer stores warmth and absorbs perspiration. Soft foam rubber cushions the foot and provides insulation. Reflective aluminium layer keeps feet warm and dry.

Safety Pins, 6/Pack

The absolute must in every first aid kit is a pack of safety pin.

Centurion 40mm (4 pin) Double Locking Laminated Padlock

Innovative interlocking construction to achieve exceptional levels of impact resistance. This feature coupled with a 'pick resistant' Pin tumbler mechanism and secure bolt locking system offers a high standard of reliability and security.

Purell ADX-12 1200ml Chrome/ Black

Push-Style Dispenser for PURELL® Hand Sanitizer. Large hand sanitiser dispenser.

Large Face Mask Dispenser with Hinged Lid, Wall Mountable

Wall mountable Disposable Face Mask Holder/Dispenser. Capacity to holds approximately 150-175 masks.

Caterpillar Thermo Socks - 2 /Pack, Black/Grey, Size 11 - 14

Thermo CAT socks. Fully cushioned foot base protects the skin from friction and cold keeping your feet comfortable and warm all day. Reinforced toe and heel for use with safety boots.

Aquarius™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser 6959, White

Contemporary, white, rolled hand towel dispenser. Easy to Clean & maintain with a push button or key lock. Promotes hygiene whilst helping manage costs through Controlled dispensing. Compatible with a large range of rolled hand towels.

Ecospill Abso’net One Plus, 20L Bag

A high-performance absorbent granule mined and processed from 100% natural clay from UK mines. An ideal granule for all non-aggressive spills on any surface such as walkways, pavements, approach ramps and machinery bases.