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AF Tape Gun


Essential Maintenance Pad, 50 x 40cm

A lightweight pad that offers fast absorbency, through a fine coverstock and good retention properties. 100/pack.

Premier Maintenance Sock 7.5cm x 1.2m

Ecospill Maintenance socks have a spunbond grey outer skin with a recycled hydrophilic absorbent filling, with added SAP (super Absorbent Polymer). Our socks offer fast wicking and excellent retention via the SAP. Our absorbent core is housed within the spunbond outer skin and held together by clips each end, offering the perfect solution to containing small incidental spills.

Premier Oil Only Sock 7.5cm x 1.2m

Our Oil Only socks have a white spunbond outer skin with a recycled hydrophobic absorbent filling. These offer fast absorption of Oil Only liquids and act as a containment barrier for any incidental spills. The hydrophobic properties within our Oil Only socks allow the sock to float on water and collect/absorb oil-based liquids from the surface without absorbing any water. These are ideal for use outside where standing water may be present.

Adorn Sink Plunger with 225mm (9 inch) Plastic Handle

Suitable for unblocking and cleaning shower, sink, drain, toilets.

Luxurious Gentle Foam Wash with ‘Relaxing’ Fragrance, 1L (6)

Refresh™ Relax FOAM contains skin conditioner and moisturiser to improve skin hydration and prevent drying. Where to use: Washroom areas in offices and public facilities

Eco Classic Chemical Pillows, 40cm x 50cm, 10/Pack

Our Chemical Pillows are yellow in colour and are made from a spunbond outer layer for fast wicking, with a treated hydrophilic absorbent and are stitched around the outside to avoid any chemical reactions. Pillows are used to catch spills under machinery or where drops and leaks are a problem. They are also ideal for absorbing spills in difficult to access places or where pooling of a spill has occurred.

Solos Thermal Insole W/Foil Lining, Size: 44

Three layered warm winter insole. Natural wool fleece layer stores warmth and absorbs perspiration. Soft foam rubber cushions the foot and provides insulation. Reflective aluminium layer keeps feet warm and dry.

Aquarius™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser - White

Aquarius™ dispensers can help you make your workplace exceptional. The essential compact rolled hand towel dispenser. for any business. Compatible with a range of washroom products, the dispenser promotes hygiene and helps to Control costs through Controlled dispensing. Offering advanced protection against cross-contamination, the Aquarius™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser delivers the latest in hygiene innovation and is the most hygienic dispenser vs. the competition. Ideal for high traffic environments where efficiency and hygiene is important. This compact dispenser has a smooth design and no dirt traps which allows for easy, one-wipe-Cleaning. Plus, a never-run-out feature ensures a continuous rolled towel supply. This product is sold as 1 x Aquarius™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser - White.