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First Aid

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Ambulance Dressing (Available in Various Sizes)

A family of sterile dressings specifically for severe wounds to stem heavy blood loss.
From £1.34

Burnshield Dressing (Various Sizes)

Dressings for the treatment of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns and scalds - Providing essential and immediate treatment and protection.
From £3.51

HSE First Aid Kits (Available in Various Sizes)

HSE Compliant kits are ideal for an office or low-hazard environment and comply with Health and Safety law.
From £13.99

Roll-on Finger Bandage, 100/Pack

Quick and easy to apply finger bandages secure in place simply with no knot, pin or tapes required.

Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters (Available In Various Sizes)

Electro-magnetically detectable dressings, coated with medical-grade, high-tack adhesive, making them the most reliable brand on the market. Assorted Sizes - 100/Case.
From £4.05

Sterochef Blue Microporous tape, 2.5cm x 5m

Blue plastic adhesive tape for use during food preparation, preventing items from dropping into the food. Sold individually.

Sterocrepe Crepe bandage 10cm, Each

The NHS approved Sterocrepe crepe bandage, with its textured surface, is ideal for giving light support to sprains and strains for injured joints and muscles. It also works as a moderate compression bandage fo alleviate knee swelling, ankle swelling and other relevant injuries, and can reduce inflammation. The bandage should be wrapped snugly around the affected area but not too tight.

Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs, Each

Safe and effective ice packs that cool quicker and remain cooler for longer.

Steropax Finger Bandage, 3.5 x 3.5cm

Flowrapped Steropax finger bandage with strong elastication for holding the dressing in place.

Steropax Oval Eyepad Dressing

Steropax eye pad dressings to dress damage to the eye and prevent any further infection

Sterowash Eyewash 20ml Pods, (25 Box)

The emergency sterile eye wash pods with twist off tops, which makes Sterowash ready for use in seconds!

Sterowash Eyewash 500ml Bottom

The emergency sterile eye wash bottle with a twist off top, which makes Sterowash ready for use in seconds!