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12" Soft Sweeping Broom W/ Threaded Handle Black Coco Fill

305mm Sweeping Broom filled with synthetic alternative to Coco, complete with TH48/1 handle. This product is ideal for clearing dust in large dry area.

180mm Enclosed Dustpan, Variety of Colours

Polypropylene dustpan, 305mm across x 195mm deep. This is an improved version of an old favourite, with thicker plastic, a reinforced lip for straightness and durability, and greater capacity than before. It is suitable for food contact. For an open dustpan of similar weight, see DP13. See B861 or B1851 for accompanying dustpan brushes.
From £2.84

195mm Seamless Hand Scoop - Yellow

Seamless Polypropylene scoop with hanging hole, 305mm overall, bowl size 178mm long x 64mm deep x 121mm wide, approximate capacity 1360ml.

195mm Seamless Hand Scoop, Green

Seamless Polypropylene scoop with hanging hole, 305mm overall, bowl size 178mm long x 64mm deep x 121mm wide, approximate capacity 1360ml.

195mm Seamless Hand Scoop, White

Seamless Polypropylene scoop with hanging hole, 305mm overall, bowl size 178mm long x 64mm deep x 121mm wide, approximate capacity 1360ml.

290mm Sweeping Broom Natural Coco Fill Soft

290mm Sweeping broom head filled with Natural Coco, ideal for domestic or industrial use, as part of the Value Range a lightweight alternative to standard industrial broom heads.

320mm Soft Grip Hand Shovel (Available in Various Colours)

Polypropylene hand shovel, soft grip handle, 580mm long, with a 320mm x 260mm blade. Metal free, shock and crack resistant, light, strong and easily cleaned. This shovel is NOT autoclavable.
From £8.95

515mm Aluminium Hanging Rail Set

515mm Aluminium rail complete with 5 x HOLD1 holders, matching end inserts, with fixing screws and rawl plugs. The holders in this product contain rubber, which can lose its elasticity or even break if repeatedly exposed to oil. If you need a hanger for use in an oily environment, try a RAIL500 with HDHOOK1 hooks only, or our one piece hanger WLBR1, which are not affected.
From £27.95

Banister Brush, Crimped Polyester, Red

317mm hand brush, Polypropylene block, filled soft Polyester. Light and agile, this counter brush has a cranked handle which is comfortable to hold, keeps the users hands away from the work surface and allows easy control.

Dustpan & Brush, Blue

330 x 203mm dustpan with soft banister brush.

Dustpan & Brush, Green

330 X 203mm dustpan with soft banister brush.

Dustpan & Brush, Yellow

330 x 203mm dustpan with soft banister brush.

General Purpose Short Handle Brush

254mm, Polypropylene block, filled stiff Polyester. The D4 was one of the first all plastic hygiene hand scrubs made by Hillbrush some 45 years ago. It has been one of their most popular products ever since. This rugged brush is designed to work and to last. The angled material at the sides and front will allow cleaning in hard-to-reach corners, while the gripped handle is comfortable to use even in gloved hands. There is a resin set version, D4RES, and a softer version D5.
From £11.75

Hand Plastic Scraper, 110mm, Blue

110mm wide Polypropylene hand scraper, 254mm long, with hanging hole. This scraper is very good in normal use on smooth surfaces. For very stubborn, hard, stuck-on debris consider the stainless steel MSC22 or MSC3. See also the FLPSC3.

Hill Brush Plastic Hook to fit Rail 500

Plastic hook, designed to be slotted into the RAIL500. It is made with extremely tough glass filled nylon. The hook may be used on its own without a rail, indents are moulded into the underside for easier location of fixing screws.
From £1.79

Hillbrush Double Blade Squeegee, 400mm, Red

400mm squeegee, with double Duraflex™ rubber blade. This rubber is especially durable, flexible and has good elasticity, and is FDA/EU approved for food contact. The rubber blade comes in a cassette, which may easily be reversed to give even wear and longer life, and may be replaced altogether when worn out (see CAS4). The frame is thickened heavy duty Polypropylene, designed with smooth, easily cleaned surfaces. This squeegee is good in food processing area, and any indoor environments. Autoclavable at 134C. Recommended handles, ALH7, ALH27, PLH3. The rubber in this squeegee is a special oil resistant formula. However oils tend to degrade rubber of any kind and if oil is likely to be in contact with the squeegee regularly, the user should do his own tests beforehand, to make sure the squeegee performs to expectations. Many other types of squeegee are available, including single blade one piece squeegees, and wood and metal squeegees. See PS45, PLSB40.

Hillbrush Medium 216mm Bulk Tank Brush (Various Colours Available)

216mm overall length x 137mm wide tank brush, Polypropylene block filled medium Polyester, for cleaning tanks, vats and gullies. The material covers 360 degrees, and the only side not filled is where the handle fits. Recommended handles, ALH27 or ALH8. This brush is also suitable as a water flow brush, using the special flow through handle ALH31 and associated water flow parts.
From £16.00

Hillbrush Microfibre T-Bar Sleeve, 350mm

Window cleaning range, 350mm lint free microfibre sleeve with hook, fastener and abrasive pad, for use with T Bar PW10. Machine washable.

Hillbrush Premier Soft 280mm Sweeping Broom, Blue

280mm broom, Polypropylene block, filled soft Polyester, for smaller dustier, drier areas. As part of our Premier Range, these brooms are good, durable and effective but have thinner backs and are lighter than other equivalent products in the general Hygiene Range. They are ideal for moderate use in industrial settings or restaurants and supermarkets where well made, easily cleaned, color coded cleaning equipment is required, but are not likely to receive heavy industrial use. Recommended handle, ALH5. See also B1732, B1733 and B1798 for similar brooms, or B849 for heavier industrial weight brooms.