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55cm Microtex flatmop frame with a collar and grip fitting
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* Limited Stock Available 

* Limited Stock Available 

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This composite Velcro Mop Frame can be used with all 40cm Velcro mop heads and click-fit handles within the Vikan microfibre range. It features exchangeable Velcro and is suitable for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.

Vikan Damp 43 mop, Hook & loop, 40 cm, Grey

Designed for medium to heavily soiled areas, the microfiber yarn loops pick up dirt and sand, the cut loops absorb and transport moisture. Can be used on uneven floors such as tiles and rubber safety floors. Specifically for large, uncluttered areas such as corridors and foyers.

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A compact Visitor Coat which is ideal for food processing, clean area use and hygiene rules. Available in White or Blue.