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Uvex Pheos Supravision Grey

Uvex Pheos Supravision Grey

The safety spectacles of the uvex pheos series provide eye protection in a design to be proud of. The modern protective googles meet the security standards EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection) as well as EN 170 (UV Protection), or rather EN 172 (Sunglare Filters For Industrial Use). Thus, the innovative good-looking safety glasses not only offer reliable fragment protection but also effective solar protection. The duo-spherical lenses offer a large field of vision. This feature is very important for workers who need to see the wider picture.
uvex quatro pro S3 SRC lace-up boot

Uvex Quatro Pro S3 SRC Lace-Up Boot

Rugged, hard wearing safety boots that are ideal for more demanding environments.
From €93.81
8544.8, Composite Safety Trainers, Unisex, Black, Wide Fitting, Velour Upper, Composite Toe Cap, S2, ESD,

Uvex 1 Safety Trainer, Black/Yellow

Uvex 1 safety shoes in protection classes S1 and S2 provide optimal protection and support for the individual movements of the human body. This safety shoe has been designed based on the latest physiological research and innovative technologies, to reduce work-related stresses on the musculoskeletal system and optimise the wearer's well being. The ergonomic construction of the uvex 1 safety shoes offers the perfect balance between protection and comfort. The design stands out with its clear lines and minimalist look.
From €101.42
Replacement Lens Cleaning Fluid for Lens Cleaning

Replacement Lens Cleaning Fluid for Lens Cleaning

Replacement bottle for the uvex lens cleaning station of cleaning fluid that is specially designed for anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens coatings.
Uvex Hi-Com Detectable Corded Earplugs (100 Box)

Uvex Hi-Com Detectable Corded Earplugs, 100/Box

Detectable earplugs with low sound absorption and excellent speech perception. Standards-EN 352-2. Insulation Value (SNR): 24dB
Uvex Ultravision Welding Goggles

Uvex Ultravision Welding Goggles

Ultravision black/green welding safety goggles with grey welding lens shade 5 and uvex infradur plus coating. Anti-fog on the inside, scratch-resistant on the outside and minimises sparks, ultraviolet/infrared radiation. Conforms to EN166 1B KN CE, EN169.
Uvex Super Fit, Grey Sunglare Lens

Uvex Super Fit, Grey Sunglare Lens

The uvex super fit safety spectacles combine all the features of contemporary spectacles with the benefits of cutting-edge materials. The ultra-thin wrap-around lens with 6.5 base curvature provides excellent protection against mechanical hazards. A pair of safety spectacles with convincing performance!
Uvex I-VO Blue/ Orange Brown Lens Spec

Uvex I-VO Blue/ Orange Brown Lens Spec

The uvex i-vo doesn't compromise when it comes to wearer comfort and looks: It is uncompromisingly safe, uncompromisingly comfortable and uncompromising in design. This is guaranteed thanks to our duo component technology: The glasses are injection-moulded from two materials, so they are hard and sturdy where they need to be, and soft in the sensitive areas of the nose, forehead and ears. And what's more, the side arms feature multi-level length and inclination adjustment. This ensures optimal wearer comfort that lasts.
Uvex Xenova Hygiene White Laced Shoe

Uvex Xenova Hygiene White Laced Shoe

Uvex Xenova Hygiene Lace up S2 Safety Shoe. Ultra lightweight lace up safety shoe with minimal stitching to reduce staining.
From €64.90
Uvex Fit Replacement Pods (400 Box)

Uvex Fit Replacement Pods, 400/Box

The easiest plug to fit giving accurate fitting every time. Tapered plug shape fits natural shape of the ear canal for easy, comfortable secure fitting
Uvex Xact-fit earplugs SNR 26 dB

Uvex Xact-fit earplugs SNR 26 dB

These innovative earplugs adapt perfectly to the human ear. The uvex xact-fit features a novel design based on the anatomy of the ear canal. This noticeably reduces pressure on the ear canal – even when worn for extended periods.
Uvex Hi-com Uncorded Earplugs (200 Case)

Uvex Hi-com Uncorded Earplugs (200 Case)

The new design of the uvex hi-com earplugs reduces noise in the inner ear canal, which usually builds up when wearing hearing protection. Through an integrated cavity, a larger surface arises against the eardrum. The earplugs work by attenuating the sounds and absorbing annoying noise - and they also excel at very good speech recognition.
Uvex Quatro Pro Shoe, Black

Uvex Quatro Pro Shoe, Black

Robust safety shoes with increased width. Optimal wearing comfort thanks to Uvex Climazone technology. Waterproof leather upper. Comfortable, antistatic inner insole with moisture drainage system. 3D Hydroflex® Foam insole for optimal vibration absorption in the heel and front of the foot. PU / PU sole with built-in support and protection of the heel area and a rough climbing profile. The protective cap protects the front of the shoe from damage.
From €70.80
Uvex i-3 Supravision Clear Glasses

Uvex i-3 Supravision Clear Glasses

These safety spectacles from uvex offer wearer comfort for all head widths, and remain adjustable for any face shape. Other features include: flexible side arms with variable inclination, soft ear pieces, integrated Softflex zone for different head widths, Softflex nose piece with flexible adjustment and pressure-free fit - even when worn for extended periods.
Picture of Uvex Astrospec 2.0 Safety Specs

Uvex Astrospec 2.0 Safety Specs

The Uvex Astrospec 2.0 Safety Specs provide eye protection with working goggles with a modern, retro design, with maximum eye area protection, including at the sides, innovative ventilation technology and contemporary wear comfort.
Heckel Suxxeed Offroad S3 Boot

Heckel Suxxeed Offroad S3 Boot

Metal-free model for outdoor work. Low weight and very flexible suitable for building and construction, general industry, energy, logistic, maintenance, utilities, damp working conditions
From €90.27