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Picture of 15% Neutral Detergent, 5 Litre

15% Neutral Detergent, 5 Litre

Gives streak free drain drying of glassware and crockery. Ideal for general wall and paintwork cleaning. Controlled foam for damp mopping. Not suitable for spraying/trigger application.
Act Extractor, Thich Bleach, 5L

Act Extractor Thick Bleach, 5L

Powerful thick formula effective against all pathogenic organisms. Contains added detergents for improved cleaning. Pot pourri fragrance keeps drains and toilets fresh and sweet smelling.
Aerosol Airfreshener, Summer Fruit 400ml (12)

Aerosol Air Freshener, Summer Fruit, 400ml

Selden Shades Professional Air Freshener creates long lasting, instant freshness and fragrance. It has a blend of perfume oils in a specially formulated aqueous base.
Picture of Select Aerosol Furniture Polish, 480ml (12)

Select Aerosol Furniture Polish, 480ml (12)

Select is a superior silicone based spray polish for furniture , tiles, marble, stainless steel, and most plastic and vinyl coated materials. SELECT removes finger marks, surface dirt, smudges etc, and produces a glowing finish to be proud of.
Picture of Shades Summer Airfreshner 3000 Refils 280ml

Shades Summer Airfreshner 3000 Refils 280ml

Mix it up with the range of air freshener refills from Shades®. Featuring a variety of fruity, floral, and fresh fragrances, you'll wow your senses and create a welcoming space. Each refill delivers up to 3000 sprays for great value and wonderful scents you'll love.
Selden, Selden F104, 	Amphoclen Heavy Duty Foodgrade Sanitiser -5L

Amphoclen Heavy Duty Foodgrade Sanitiser, 5L

The ideal food plant cleaner sanitiser. Fully tested with proven effectiveness against Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria, passes EN1276 Disperses and dissolves fats, blood stains, shortenings in food processing/catering. Controlled foam for scrubbing and wall washing, even pressure washing. Highly concentrated and economical in use. Safe on aluminium
Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

Bathroom Cleaner, 750ml

Leaves bathrooms and washrooms clean, sanitary and fragrant. Easy to use, spray on wipe off. Clings to vertical surfaces for effective cleaning
Picture of Jeys Chlorine Tablets, 180/Tub

Jeys Chlorine Tablets, 180/Tub

Jeyes Defence is a safer, chlorine alternative to bleach - it can be used as a general disinfectant and a vegetable and salad wash.
Coconut Shower Gel

Coconut Shower Gel, 5L

Mild, strongly fragranced shower gel suitable for use on both body and hair.
Cream Cleaner Lemon, 500ml

Cream Cleaner Lemon, 500ml

Suitable for rapid cleaning including polishing of stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, laminates & enamel. Specially formulated to provide effective removal of dirt & grease on all hard washable surfaces. Do not use on glass, aluminium or soft plastic surfaces.
Picture of MD3 Dishwasher Detergent , 5L

MD3 Dishwasher Detergent , 5L

Automated dishwash detergent for high soil and low tannin levels Active de-foamers work in the toughest of conditions, whilst progressive corrosion inhibitors protect dishwasher parts.
Selden Triple Floor Cleaner,  5L

Selden Triple Floor Cleaner, 5L

Super strength formulation removes even the toughest grease and grime. Low foaming, specially designed for machines with suction driers. Ideal for cleaning large warehouses, rapid grease cutting ensures only one pass of the machine is required. Unperfumed, product will not taint in food storage areas.
Hand Safe - Anti-Bac Soap, 450ML

Hand Safe - Anti-Bac Soap, 450ML

Bactericidal cleansing lather. Free from solvents, harsh chemicals, perfumes and dyes.
Foodgrade Anti-Bac Soap - Hand Safe, 5L

Foodgrade Anti-Bac Soap - Hand Safe, 5L

Sold individual, 2 per pack.
Glaze Window Cleaner, 750ml

Glaze Window Cleaner, 750ml

For all windows, mirrors, windscreens, VDU's, ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain, showcases and exhibition stands.
Pink Pearl Hand Soap

Pink Pearl Hand Soap, 450ml

Selden Pink Pearl is a luxury pearlescent perfumed soap. It is a mild, rich cleansing lather with a fresh bouquet fragrance. Sold individually, 6 per case.