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20" Floor Maintenance Pads, Black

Black: stripping & cleaning For wet scrubbing strong layers of emulsion floor polishes.

200G Hygiemix Socket Mop, Blue

A circular mop head with a T1 screw thread socket.

350g Hygiemix Socket Mop, Blue

Weight: 350g

500mm Ultra Hygienic Squeegee, Yellow

Polypropylene squeegee, theaded to fit all handles in the Hygiene Range, with overmoulded single rubber blade.

922 Bottle & Sprayhead 600ml - Blue

An ergonomic 600ml (922) spray bottle with graduation marks for the accurate dilution of fluids along with a range of colour coded trigger heads available in six colours including white and green/yellow.

92L Frame Sack Holders, Blue

A high quality open frame holder for refuse sacks, available with colour coded lids for easy waste separation and identification. Hygienic foot operated opening and safety strap to hold 92L sacks securely. Powder coated frame finish, easy to keep clean.

Adorn Sink Plunger with 225mm (9 inch) Plastic Handle

Suitable for unblocking and cleaning shower, sink, drain, toilets.

Blue Microfibre Cloth Optima Glass (10 Pack)

The Optima ‘Glass’ Professional XL cloth will provide quicker results in addition to being more effective than conventional cleaning cloths. The extra large glass cloth gives glass and also mirrors a smear free shine. This cloth is perfect for the professional window cleaner.

Bluemoon Centrefeed Roll, 150m, 6/case

2 ply 'Bluemoon' non-embossed centrefeed.

Closed Toilet Brush & Holder

Stable, floor standing bowl and brush with quality bristles, angled handle and built-in lid to hide the brush head when not in use. Made from bleach resistant polypropylene, easy to clean for better hygiene.

Daz Professional Washing Powder, 100 Wash

Daz laundry powder effectively & efficiently cleans out dirty marks on your whites, brights and darks. It leaves clothes clean, soft and fresh smelling. This multipurpose powder detergent containing a unique combination of high performing ingredients providing brilliant deep down cleaning.

Drain Opener, 5L

Specially formulated to unblock drains without the use of Sulphuric acid, which is highly corrosive and difficult to handle for both manufacturers and end-users.

Easy Pine LTC 750ml

Freshen up your bathroom after use with the Easy toilet cleaner. Ideal for killing germs & for removing limescale and dirt. Reach under the rim easily thanks to the angled bottleneck- ensuring the whole bowl stays fresh and clean. The thick, clinging formula allows it lasts longer on surfaces.

Essential Maintenance Roll, 40x40cm

A lightweight roll that offers fast absorbency, through a fine coverstock and good retention properties. Our Essential Maintenance Roll has a high loft and is ideal for use over larger areas such as warehouses with liquid storage, complete with perforations for ease of use.

Fairy Dishwasher Tablets 58(Pack)

Fairy - Original Dishwash Tablets 58 Pack Fairy Original All in One dishwasher tablets have the 1st time cleaning action and its formula even cleans dried-on grease.

Finish All in 1 Max Dishwasher Tablets (110 Per Pack)

When you are putting your dishes into the dishwasher you want them to come out sparking clean and ready to go. Finish Powerball dishwasher tablets give your dishes a powerful clean every time. Providing you with outstanding results.

Floor Pads, Black 19"

Black: stripping & cleaning For wet scrubbing strong layers of emulsion floor polishes. For machines operating up to 600rpm. 85mm push out centre hole prevents the floor pad from  overheating. Pads hug uneven  floors and can be used on both sides  with no loss of efficiency

Galvanised Scourer 40g, 10/Pack

A circular scourer made from fine metal mesh. Ideal for cleaning burnt-on stains from grills, barbeques and metal pans.

Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, Black

The heavy duty scouring pads allow for easy removal of scuff marks and soiling from floors. Each pad has a different level of abrasive properties and durability.