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Polyco Freezemaster 2 Freezer Glove

The Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves are premium leather safety gloves which offer exceptionally comfortability whilst keeping the user protected, warm and dry. The Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves are designed with a fleecy lining to provide insulation to the hands. They are ideal for use in cold and wet situations as boast a waterproof membrane which resists water and also helps retain heat. With good abrasion and puncture resistance, this versatile safety glove is perfect for a wide range of environments.
From £13.95

GL888 Latex PF® Clear, (1000 Case)

Natural latex powder free disposable glove. Offers protection against contamination, dirt and potential irritants in low risk situations, whilst providing maximum dexterity, sensitivity and comfort.
From £80.80

Industrial Heavy Duty Black Rubber Gloves

Cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration and keeps hands dry, cool and comfortable. Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals.
From £2.20

Polyco Matrix Green PU Cut 5 Glove

The Polyco Matrix Green PU Cut Resistant Gloves are made with a seamless, knitted, cut resistant liner with a palm coating made of glass fibre and polyurethane to form the high cut resistant protection.
From £6.50

Polyco Blue Grip Glove, Crinkle Latex Coating, Size 10

The Blue Grip fully coated natural latex heavy-duty glove is ideal for handling sharp or rough objects. The Blue Grip glove provides good resistance to cuts, abrasions and punctures. The inner-brushed cotton interlock liner provides exceptional comfort for the wearer whilst the natural latex coating ensures excellent wet and dry Grip for safer handling in all conditions. These gloves contain fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent.

Polyco Finite HD Nitrile Glove, (500 Case)

Blue nitrile powder free disposable glove. Thicker than a standard disposable, it offers the choice of use as a heavy duty disposable glove or a lightweight re-usable glove.
From £270.25

Polyco Hot Glove ® (Long), Size 9

Double layered cotton glove with nitrile grip coating., offering extra protection and durability.

Blue Latex Lp, Disp (1000 Case)

Blue latex powdered disposable glove

Blue Household Gloves, Pair, Size: Medium

Latex rubber household glove

Blue Household Gloves, Pair, Size: XL

Latex rubber household glove.

Polyco Matrix ® Nitrile Grip, Fully Coated, Size: 11

Seamless knitted glove with full nitrile coating.

Polyco Freezemaster II Long-Cuff Insulated Gloves

The Freezemaster II thermal gloves are ideal for working in cold environments such as cold stores or industrial fridges. Manufactured from a premium-quality leather with an elastane back for ease of movement, they offer fantastic grip and durability. Meanwhile the fleecy lining and waterproof membrane keep hands warm and dry to maintain great working comfort.
From £18.00

Extra Heavy Duty Bin Liner 29x46 (100 Case)

Black extra heavy duty bin liners.

Heavy Duty Swing Bin Liners, White (500 Case)

To fit swing bins and many other generic bins. On a roll 45 Litres

LD Wheelie Bin Liner Clear (100 Case)

To fit wheelie bins and many other large size bins. Made from 100% recycled material. Ideal for office or household use and holds 270 litres

White Medium Duty Swing Bin Liners (1000 Case)

To fit swing bins and many other generic bins.