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Pal Abrasive Antibacterial Wipes 150 wipes (Sold Per 4)

Pal Tech Abrasive Antibacterial Wipes. The Abrasive Power Scrub material easily lifts dried on grime from hands and surfaces whilst leaving skin feeling clean and moist. They are robust enough to tackle heavy industrial cleaning tasks and can be used for effective cleaning of Paint, Silicone, Oil, Grease, Ink and Grime.

Pal Antibacterial Industrial Wipes (200 Pack)

Antibacterial wipes for the removal of dirt and grease from both hands and surfaces.

Pal TX Disinfectant Probe Wipes (200 Wipes)

Effective against 99.9% of bacteria, these wipes provide efficient cleaning results to reduce the risk of cross contamination or a build-up of bacteria - keeping staff and guests safe. Thanks to the non-tainting and food-safe cleaning solution used, these wipes are ideal for regular use within kitchens, where they can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food without leaving any unwanted tastes or smells. Features a sealable lid that helps to prevent the wipes from drying out and allow for effective use for longer, without the need for regular restocking.

Pal Hydrotek Dry Wipe (2 Case)

Low linting, durable and super absorbent – Hydrotek is a high performance material designed for general surface cleaning. Ideal for dealing with spillages quickly & effectively, it is blue coloured for use within food environments. Can be used to soak up any substances keeping areas hygienically clean.

Pal Surface Disinfectant Wipe (500 Bucket)

PalTX Surface Disinfectant Wipes are ideal for use in a wide range of clean environments, in particular food and beverage manufacture or processing with a food safe and easily detectable blue material. These cost effective wipes are perfect for alcohol sensitive environments, and with Halal and Kosher accreditation can be used widely throughout food processing environments.

Pal TX Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes 1000/Bucket

Pal TX Alcohol Surface Disinfectant Wipes have been designed for cleaning and disinfecting within food manufacturing and service environments. The wipes disinfect and clean surfaces without leaving chemical residues. For professional use only. Pal TX Alcohol Surface Disinfectant wipes are proven to kill most microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast & viruses. The wipes have been independently tested to a range of European testing standards (EN) and BS ISO 4120:2004.

Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipes 1500/case

8L Bucket of wipes is designed for high use cleaning & disinfection in food manufacturing and processing environments. Surfaces and machinery are kept clean and disinfected whilst maintaining a hygienic environment . Pal TX Surface Disinfectant wipes are Food safe and proven to kill most micro organisms such as bacteria, yeast & viruses. Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipes clean and disinfect without using Quats, PHMB or alcohol.

Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipe , 1000/ Bucket

Strong cleaning wipes designed to disinfect surfaces and equipment within food manufacturing, food processing and food service environments.

Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipe , 200/Tub

Pal TX Surface Disinfectant Wipes contain an alcohol, QUAT and PHMB free disinfectant solution designed to clean and disinfect food contact surfaces.

Pal Tech Abrasive Antibacterial Wipes 75/Tub

Large Abrasive Antibacterial Wipes for the removal of dried-on grease and dirt from both hands and surfaces.

Pal Disposable Polythene Oversleeves 2000/case - Yellow

Polythene sleeve covering, elasticated at both ends for a comfortable fit. One size only.

Pal TX Alcohol Surface Disinfectant Wipes, 200/Tub

Perfect for water sensitive environments, these high alcohol wipes offer a broad spectrum efficacy across bacteria, yeast and viruses, providing fast cleaning and disinfection without leaving any chemical residue on surfaces.

Pal Tech Multisurface Antibacterial Wipe. 100/Tub

Small and compact for easy storage this 0.5L canister of PALTECH Multi Surface wipes is designed for cleaning and disinfecting small surfaces and can be used in an office on equipment such as telephones or desks. As well as Personal Protective Equipment such as breathing apparatus, face masks & safety boots.