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Moldex 2365 Classic FFP1 Dust Mask

Durable and comfortable, this range of masks is available in a range of protection levels. Loop strap and designed to seal effectively without a nose clip. DuraMesh® structure holds the mask shape and is stronger and more durable than traditional designs. The optional Ventex® valve has an extra large vent to reduce heat and moisture. Available in a range of protection levels with or without valve.

Moldex Half Mask Respirator, Large

Protection against gas, vapour & dust. TPE mask body: soft and pleasant to wear. Suitable for most applications.

Moldex Half Mask Respirator, Small

Protection against gas, vapour & dust.

Moldex FFP2 Classics, (20 Case)

Protection Against Dust, Mist & Fumes.

Moldex Half Mask Respirator, Medium

Protection against gas, vapour & dust. TPE mask body: soft and pleasant to wear. Suitable for most applications.

Moldex Classic FFP3 Valved New Generation Mask

The Moldex Moldex Smart Series FFP3 NR D Valved New Generation Masks are suited to most industrial applications with a general purpose mask that is strong and durable, DuraMesh® structure for optimum shape retention and durability. Blue clip makes it suitable for the food industry.

Moldex Easylock P3R Particulate Filter

Protects against Gas, Vapour & Dust. Suitable for Series 7000 and 9000 Masks.

Moldex P3 Particulate Filters

Protects against gas, vapours and dust.

Mounting Bracket for Mouldex Stations

Wall Mount for Stations(includes fittings).

MelLows® MoldexStation Ear Plug, (500 Case)

Moldex 7650 MelLows Ear Plugs Refill Dispenser SNR 22dB 500 pairs

Moldex M5 Headband Earmuffs, SNR 34dB

High quality, robust protection against noise Ear Muff.

Moldex Mellows Ear Plugs 22dB (250 Pairs)

Protection against noise ear plugs.

Moldex Spark Plugs (500 Pairs) Dispenser

Moldex Spark ear plugs dispenser system.

Moldex, FFP3 Classics +

Protects against high levels of toxic dusts, particles (including bacteria & viruses).

Moldex 9400 ABEK1 Gas & Vapour Filters

Moldex ABEK1 filters protect against organic, inorganic, acid and ammonia gases and vapours.

9000 Series Reusable Full Face Respirator, Size Medium

At less than 13 ounces, the 9000 Series respirator is ultra-lightweight. Workers will appreciate the comfort and longer wearability and employers will benefit from increased user acceptance. The 9000 is completely free of metal parts, making it ideal for mines, refineries and other work environments where metal may be hazardous.