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Medical First Aid and Nursing Scissors

First Aid and Nursing scissors for a variety of medical and first aid applications.
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*This is not a stocked line, therefore delivery may be longer than our standard.

*This is not a stocked line, therefore delivery may be longer than our standard.

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Sterotape Microporous, 1.25cm x 10m

The soft surgical tape that is ideal for sensitive skin. The adhesive layer is hypoallergenic, yet it creates a secure bond when applied to the skin.

Steroply Conforming Bandage, 5cm, Each

Conforming bandages are very stretchy and, as their name suggests, conform closely to the body's contours. These bandages are ideal for securing dressings in place, particularly on limbs. These bandages are lightweight, fray-resistant and breathable.

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A 2 Ply multipurpose Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper is ideal for wiping tasks and hand wiping, due to its strength and high absorption. This paper can be used in the Tork Reflex™ single-sheet centrefeed dispenser, which fits your team’s workflow, cuts down consumption, and minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

Sterowash Eyewash 20ml Pods, 25/Box

The emergency sterile eye wash pods with twist off tops, which makes Sterowash ready for use in seconds! To lessen the risk of permanent damage caused by eye injuries, it is important to treat eye injuries immediately and seek medical advice as soon as possible. It's vital to use a sterile eyewash in the event of an eye injury, and equally as important when treating a wound. The Steroplast saline solution 'Sterowash' treats both, and is available on drug tariff