Kimberly Clark

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Scott® Rolled Hand Towels 6668 - 6 x 304m blue, 1 ply rolls

Blue, 1 ply, high-capacity hand towel rolls. Detectable rolled hand towels for hand drying in contamination critical environments. 19.8cm wide & compatible with dispensers 6959, 9960 & 8976.

WypAll X80 Cloths 4 Packs x 50 Quarter-Fold, White

Product Design Unique PowerPocket technology offers advanced cleaning power, built in pockets help trap dirt and grime quicker and more effectively. Patented two-ply advanced HYDROKNIT* Material is designed to offer exceptional absorption and tear-resistance, which can be used again and again.

Aquarius™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser 6959 - White

Contemporary, white, rolled hand towel dispenser. Easy to Clean & maintain with a push button or key lock. Promotes hygiene whilst helping manage costs through Controlled dispensing. Compatible with a large range of rolled hand towels.

Kimberly Clark Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser 1L (6 Pack)

Safety Standards Approved: (EN1500, EN13727, EN1276, EN12791), virucidal (EN14476), yeasticidal (EN1650, EN13624)

Kimberley Clark Kleenex®, Luxury Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap Cleaner, 1ltr (6/case)

The Kimberly Clark Clear and fragrance free foaming hand soap helps to wash hands thoroughly but rinses off more quickly than traditional soap resulting in less water usage and time spent per wash. When the cassette is empty it can be compressed to conserve space and is fully recyclable once the pump is removed.

Kimberly Clark 1000ml Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser for Aquarius, Kimcare, Kleenex

The essential hand cleanser dispenser for any business. Compatible with a range of washroom products, this dispenser promotes hygiene and helps to manage costs through controlled dispensing. The sleek and contemporary design makes it the perfect product for any washroom environment. The dispenser is made with rounded edges and is easy to clean with just one cloth or wiper. The rounded top prevents an accumulation of rubbish, dust and dirt. This product is part of our co-ordinated range of products to give your washroom a stylish and professional fee. Use with our liquid and foam soaps for an exceptional hand washing experience.