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Manufacturer: Bodytech
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Bodytech Respirator FFP3V Mesh Dust Mask, Valved

Unique mesh feature enables mask to be scrunched up and then return to original shape.

Utility Knife, Black/ Red

Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind, this knife for right-handed people has a spring-loaded blade retract system that responds to any uncontrolled hand movement. With an easy blade change, this knife is a great all-rounder.

Microfibre Cloths Yellow, 10/Pack

Microfibre cloths clean easily and are more effective than conventional cleaning cloth alternatives. The microfibre cloth will leave the surface clean, smear free & will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. There is no need to use chemicals as they clean with just water making them very environmentally friendly. The Ramon Contract microfibre cloth is suitable for use on all surfaces and will remove grease, dust, dirt and bacteria with ease. Available in all 4 hygiene colours. Extra Absorbent. Suitable for cleaning all surfaces. Heavy duty.

Ramon ‘Contract’ Sponge Scourers, 10/Pack

Ideal for commercial kitchens or domestic alike, this good quality and highly absorbent sponge allows the user to clean dishes and wipe up spills with ease.