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Foodgrade Apron, TPU Material, Blue

TPU apron is made from soft, comfortable and durable TPU material which is commonly used in clean & hygiene rules, food industry, fishing industry, meat packing etc environment. Ideal for the protection against water, blood, fat, chemicals in working area. Can be used several times and easily washed with water and cleanser. Full length to cover the body, adjustable ties to suit different body movement.

*This is not a stocked line, therefore delivery may be longer than our standard.

*This is not a stocked line, therefore delivery may be longer than our standard.

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The apron should be washed with water at a maximum temperature of 40°C, with neutral non-acid disinfectant added and carefully rinsed with clear water. The apron must be hanged up to dry, without being wringed. The apron must be dry when it is kept in stock and must be replaced as soon as you notice signs of wear on it.

1Ply Tork Reflex Wiping Paper, Blue, Case

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