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Eco Spill

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Eco Classic Chemical Pillows, 40cm x 50cm, 10/Pack

Our Chemical Pillows are yellow in colour and are made from a spunbond outer layer for fast wicking, with a treated hydrophilic absorbent and are stitched around the outside to avoid any chemical reactions. Pillows are used to catch spills under machinery or where drops and leaks are a problem. They are also ideal for absorbing spills in difficult to access places or where pooling of a spill has occurred.

Eco Spill Classic Oil Only Pillow, 30cm x40cm (10 Pack)

The Oil Only pillows are white in colour and are made from a spunbond outer layer for fast wicking, with a hydrophobic absorbent and a stitched side wall. Specifically designed to repel water and absorb oil only liquids, such as Diesel, Petrol, Cooking Oil etc. Pillows are excellent for absorbing spills in tight spaces. Typically used to catch leaks under equipment or drums they can also be used to skim surfaces.

Ecospill Abso’net One Plus, 20L Bag

A high-performance absorbent granule mined and processed from 100% natural clay from UK mines. An ideal granule for all non-aggressive spills on any surface such as walkways, pavements, approach ramps and machinery bases.

Premier Maintenance Roll, 50CM x 40M

Popular and effective Maintenance Roll. With excellent resistance to wear, with market leading tensile strength. Bonded and perforated with coverstock, offers a great solution for emergency response to incidental spills around the workplace. Premier Maintenance Roll is ideal for recovering spills across larger areas or as a versatile option to pads. This roll is equivalent to a pack of Maintenance Pads

Organic Compound 30L Bag, Oil Absorbant

Organic compound is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. A lightweight and highly absorbent recycled absorbent, Organic Compound offers an instant absorbency for spills in the workplace and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Organic Compound is also fireproof, just pour onto the spill, brush in and brush up, leaving the surface dry with no residue.