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Single Wall Paper Cups are suitable for all warm and cold drinks.
Manufacturer: Bodytech

Coating: PLA-coated and PE-coated

Coating: PLA-coated and PE-coated

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Birchwood Teaspoon (110mm4.3"), 1000/Case

Environmentally friendly, these Wooden Teaspoons are manufactured from sustainable sourced Birchwood, making them 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. Birchwood wooden cutlery also gives a quality feel to take-away food when compared to traditional disposable cutlery.

Uvex Whisper & Detect Corded Reusable Earplugs, 50/Case

Earplugs are often used in dirty work environments. This means that particles can easily stick to the surface of materials and cause minor injuries to the wearer's ears. The smooth and dirt-repellent surfaces of the uvex whisper, whisper+ and whisper supreme earplugs can easily be cleaned with soap and water. This increases wearer comfort and safety for the user. The detec version of the uvex whisper+ is easily detectable, both visually and by machines, thanks to its striking blue colour and metal ball.